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GMAT Live Regular

" No matter how good are you at anything, a Coach makes you Better". GMAT Live Regular is a Intensive course, twice a a week, exclusively designed by Industry Experts for students who wish to complete the course in 10 Weeks (weekdays/weekends). CONQUEST GMAT Online Live class brings the classroom learning experience to your home. The GMAT live classes include all the benefits of a physical GMAT classroom program without the need to physically travel to a learning center. Click the Link Below to know more about the Course Program and Course Fee

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GMAT Live Advanced

“The expert in anything was once a beginner” - GMAT Live Advanced course is a 99+ hours program specially crafted by Top Industry Experts, focused extensively on Basic Fundamentals and test-taking strategies followed by GMAT Workshops covering Advanced Level Questions with unlimited help sessions during and after the course. One who plans to take the GMAT test in three to four months time, following a slow-paced learning, fine-tuning their Basic fundamental concepts and test-taking strategies is best suited

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GMAT Private Tutoring

'The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.'This GMAT One to One Private Tutoring course is exclusively designed for students who have Mastered GMAT Fundamental concepts but struck scoring around 650 on mock tests and looking for a course which gives a personalized attention in fixing their problem areas both in terms of content and test-taking strategies to boost their scores beyond 720+. The course is led by Master Trainers, who are experienced in GMAT Personal Tutoring

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WELCOME TO CONQUEST GMAT: Best Coaching for GMAT Live Online

Our Mission is to empower students to fulfill their goals by providing outstanding GMAT prep and results in their tests. Our teachers know the GMAT exam meticulously as they are real-time test takers with the top percentiles.

“Conquest GMAT” is a value and process-driven company with a strong motive of helping GMAT students fulfilling their dream of studying Management Program in India and abroad. We train the Management aspirants exclusively on GMAT standardized test through our Online Live GMAT Course. We adhere to the highest quality of standards and training procedures to execute significant score improvements from their diagnostic test, which will pave the path to success on the actual test. “Conquest GMAT” is focused to help its students achieve dream scores by providing quality materials and online tools besides providing very experienced and qualified faculty. Our GMAT Course is Crafted by Top Industry Experts and is taught by India’s Finest GMAT Tutors.

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  What is a Good GMAT Score?

     Ideally, you’ll want to find out your target score before you take the GMAT test, as this not only will give you a target in your study plan to strive for, but it will help you determine whether your scores are good enough to send to colleges. This is, sadly, where things get a little complicated. It is not as easy as it would appear, to decide what counts as a “healthy” GMAT score.

    There is no hard and fast rule that counts as good or bad for a GMAT score. Rather, a good score is one that helps you to meet your career goals and get to the school of your choice. So, while a good score for you might be 700, a good score for someone else might be 550. It all depends on what you’re trying to do with it. But even so, if you get what you think is a decent score, it doesn’t actually guarantee your admission.

  • A low GMAT score will keep you out, but even a high score of 750 or 770 does not guarantee acceptance by itself 
  • Getting a Better GMAT score would still improve your odds of winning merit-based scholarships, even though you already have a decent score.

     To ensure that you can keep up with their academic program, Business schools look at your GMAT score. Your score is used to determine whether you have the quantitative, verbal, and critical thinking skills to complete the coursework, which includes topics such as finance, economics, and strategy. An admissions team’s basic task is to attract students who will be competitive in the program! Schools want to create a student body that is special and diverse.

     Therefore, they will look at the rest of your profile in addition to your GMAT score to factor in your job experience, educational background, soft skills, career aspirations, employability, and more. Based on your resume, essays, letters of recommendation, and by talking face-to-face with you at business school events and during interviews, they usually render these more qualitative decisions. Besides scores, you will also want to make sure you have a well-rounded candidate’s characteristics and attributes.

     Coming back to the question ‘what is a Good GMAT Score’ – There is no straight answer to this question, the reason being the GMAT test score is just one of the key factors on which admission to the schools is evaluated. The precise answer to this question would be “Any score that can help you get into the school of your choice” is good.

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GMAT Prep Online


Everybody dreams BIG in Life, but very few work to achieve it. GMAT aspirants start their journey with bigger dreams to crack GMAT (with a High Score) but very few succeed. All that is required to achieve a higher GMAT score is to have a disciplined and methodical approach in understanding the Test and the Test-writer. The simple mantra to Conquest GMAT is to understand the Test and the Test writer. Unlike other competitive exams, GMAT doesn’t bother to test the sound conceptual knowledge in the subject rather it just tests how smart a test-taker are you.

Following are the simple steps you follow in securing a 700+ Score on GMAT:

Step 1: Start your journey attending ‘Introduction to GMAT Class’

If you believe in the saying “No matter how good are you at anything, a coach makes you better” then Kickstart your preparation by joining the Best GMAT Course and as always, the Best GMAT Course begins with ‘Introduction to GMAT’ class in which GMAT experts talks about the following:

  • GMAT testing Algorithm and its impact on the score
  • Skills needed to score high on GMAT
  • GMAT Score vs Admissions & Scholarships
  • Importance of customized study plan with goal settings
  • This will facilitate you to decide on a good GMAT score according to your target B-schools

Step 2: Take a Diagnostic test (GMAT PREP)

Before you go ahead with your GMAT Course take a GMAT PREP test just to ascertain your strengths and weaknesses and also to understand the Degree of the difficulty level of the exam, Test pattern, Types of questions, factors that stops one from scoring high. It is quite imperative to get the test analyzed by the GMAT Expert to understand your strengths and weakness from the GMAT perspective, besides learning the dos’ and don’t on the test. Once you learn the challenges in cracking the GMAT test you start prioritizing them and empower yourself to handle them better, methodically.

Step 3: Productive Investment of time & Quality Practice Materials Matters

Taking Diagnostic test, you understand that GMAT is not just the Test of content alone but also the test of endurance, patience, and concentration levels, so it becomes important to actively work on improving your patience and concentration level gradually

When it comes to practice, it is more important to spend quality time on quality materials that enhance your learning experience in understanding the test and test writer closely. So, to do this effectively there is no better material than GMAT Official Guide & GMAT Review books, as they contain retired GMAT questions. What more do you need for practice other than directly working on the Real-time GMAT questions? But again, it needs a constructive approach and smarter techniques to solve them, not relying greatly on the OG explanations as they are lengthy enough and impractical to follow.

At this juncture, GMAT Expert can certainly make a difference to your learning by teaching Powerful GMAT techniques and a time-saving approach with a 100% accuracy level. GMAT expert makes your job easy segregating the questions topic-wise, difficulty-wise and align them in sync with the topics being covered in the class and assign them as homework, to only pick them up for discussion in subsequent class to clear your doubts (if any). During the GMAT course, you are not just covering the concepts and strategies but also covers the GMAT Official Guide & GMAT Review book questions (roughly 3000 Qn’s in total) and build confidence in the smarter techniques taught in the class.

Step 4: Practice Mock Tests, Timed Drills, and Sectional Test

Not many people understand the importance of taking the Mock tests at regular intervals during the preparation days. Working on official guides & Review questions brings you closer to the 700 mark but it requires something more to surpass the magic score of 700. The need of the hour would be practicing more online content taking the timed drills, sectional tests, and 700+ Advanced level questions from GMAC, and also do follow the forums like GMAT Club, Beat the GMAT,…etc for harder GMAT questions. However, a GMAT expert would guide you on how to make the effective usage of forums to your best learning. As you progress through your preparation, for every quarter of the GMAT course covered it is recommended to take the full-length GMAT mock test viz., GMAT PREP tests to watch closely how you progressing, how effectively you are able to implement the strategies, and identify any shortcomings in your preparation (Personalized test analysis and feedback from GMAT Expert after the test is always recommended to understand the nitty-gritty of the test).

Step 5: Importance of Last fifteen days before T-day

The last fifteen days before the T-day is very crucial. How wisely you spend these days decides your performance on the test and the outcome. It is very important to tune yourself mentally and physically, In particular, the time slot that you have booked (as our energy levels do not remain the same all through the day). If you practice taking the GMAT Mock tests in the time slot that you booked the real test then it will make you more efficient to work on the test day with unwavering energy levels, Patience, and good concentration levels. Practice taking the Mock tests, prepare an error log, and meticulously work on zeroing the errors. This approach will surely make a huge difference on Test-day performance.


Happy GMAT Learning!!

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