ConquestGMAT offers three types of Online Services customarily designed to the needs of the GMAT test-takers. The following are the Best GMAT Live Online courses crafted by Top Industry GMAT Experts viz., 1) GMAT Live Regular 2) GMAT Live Weekend 3) GMAT Live One to One. Live Online Sessions are two-way interactive in all areas of the GMAT (Verbal, Quant, IR, and AWA). Exclusive focus on 99th percentile (760-800 range) scores. To this effect, the course is quite rigorous and demands a lot of sincerity on part of the student

Concepts from the most basic (200 level) to the most advanced (800 level), are covered in extreme detail. But the questions covered in this course are all average to advance level questions (with a special focus on solving the top-tier percentile questions, the 760-800 range). Pre-work driven course (you will be required to do some pre-work – read some concepts, watch some elementary videos, and/or solve some exercises before attending each session). An extreme amount of sincerity is expected from the student. You will be required to finish the pre-work absolutely thoroughly before each session. ABSOLUTELY no excuses will be entertained for not finishing the Pre-work. The backbone of this course is PREWORK

Note: All the required materials (online) will be provided by us. You are not required to study anything else at all

 Online Live GMAT Regular

No matter how good are you at anything, a Coach makes you Better”. Online Live GMAT Regular is a fast-track course, five days a week, exclusively designed for students who wish to complete the course within five weeks. CONQUEST GMAT Online Live class brings the classroom learning experience to your home. The online live classes include all the benefits of a physical GMAT classroom program without the need to physically travel to a learning center  READ MORE

 Online Live GMAT Weekend

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important” – Online Live GMAT Weekend course is exclusively designed for the students who cannot take out time during the weekdays to attend GMAT classes but ready to spend some quality time during the weekends and plan to take the GMAT test in the next three to four months down the line and follow slow-paced learning with fine-tuning their Basic fundamental concepts and strategies one at a time  READ MORE

 Online Live GMAT One to One

“The expert in anything was once a beginner” This course is exclusively designed for students who have mastered their fundamental concepts and struck scoring around 650 on actual/mock tests and looking for a course which gives personalized attention in fixing their problem areas both in terms of content and test-taking strategy, to boost their scores beyond 720+. The course is led by Master Trainers, who are experienced in GMAT Personal Tutoring    READ MORE

GMAT Online Courses vs Online Live GMAT Classes

Online Courses

Online courses are delivered asynchronously where students learn on their own schedule (self-paced learning) without any real-time instructor. These are Pre-recorded classes. The course content lessons, pre-recorded video lectures, and tutorials, tests, and quizzes, homework, and assignments can be accessed by the students enrolled in the course at any time, as long as the course is active and available.

Live Online Classes

Live online classes are synchronous events organized in a live virtual meeting room where students and teachers meet together to communicate with voice, video, whiteboard. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Meetings and lectures occur at the same hour. All attendees must be online and connected to the internet at that specific hour.

***‘CONQUESTGMAT’ provides the Best GMAT Online Coaching (Live Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom Training)

Why GMAT Online Live Classes Better than any?

Review lectures instantly

It’s easy for minds to wander during a lecture. A study has found that students lose focus about 5 times in a 45-minute class session and there will be no review option available in the classroom program whereas, in Online Live class, the Instructor records Live Online class and gives students free access to it by the end of the day for easy review

Less intimidating

Many students in classroom environments aren’t comfortable speaking in public. In an online environment, it can be much easier to share thoughts with others. With 74 percent of people suffering from speech anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, online education tends to foster better class participation through chatbox/voice chat/poll/video chat

Save time, Eliminate unnecessary travel

Online live classes eliminate time as well as money consumed due to travelling. It’s not only exhausting mentally but difficult when you have other full-time commitments. Online Live classes are the modern replica of traditional physical classroom coaching. You have a  whiteboard where teachers teach, raise your hand when you do have doubt as well as participate in a poll. You can discuss your assignments as well as your doubts.

Customized learning

Your instructor can make sure to explain things according to your needs. Everyone doesn’t understand a lesson in the same way. Trained experts can explain one thing in different ways to suit your learning styles.


When you have doubts, it is possible to get them cleared up in real-time. That is not a viable option in pre-recorded sessions.

Work from anywhere, at any time

This is the most appealing benefit of online education for students with many duties to balance. Since everything is available online, accessing class materials, and submitting work is very convenient. Exactly when and where this takes place is up to the student, as long as assignment due dates are met.

Every day we collect feedback from our students, and we value every single one of them. Take a look at a few of the recent reviews submitted by students in some of our most recent online live GMAT prep courses:

  • I was kind of hesitant about taking online classes, but I ended up loving it! The program worked well and I appreciated seeing an extra amount of participation in the voice chat and chatbox brought by the online format. The online format made the class easy, comfortable, and efficient.” – Riya

  • Online Live classes so far are majestic and felt as though I was sitting in an in-person class. I also felt as if my instructor was directly talking to me which is a totally uplifting experience. The instructor made sure everyone in the class actively participated. The online classes didn’t seem like an online class at all.” – Shreya Arya

  • I found this class very effective and this is the first time I have ever taken an online class, and I can honestly say that it was just as good, or better than any in-person class I attended ” – Janvi

  • Registering for the ‘Conquest GMAT’ course is one of the smartest academic decisions I have ever made. The interface was an incredible and more interactive platform. Overall, it was the coolest learning experience I have ever been a part of.”– Kevin

  • I know for a fact that I will be well prepared when I take the GMAT two weeks from now. I highly recommend ‘CONQUEST GMAT’ for anyone who is serious about getting into a top business school. The online course was incredibly interactive, engaging, and entertaining. It felt as if I were sitting in an actual classroom.” – George

  • I felt very intimidated to start out studying for the GMAT, but ‘Conquest GMAT’ has provided me with the structure and tools I want to practice and do my best on game day. I feel that there’s no way I could have prepared for the GMAT without this course. I’m constantly amazed by all the resources available to me and also the extensive amount of feedback given. The online classes and enthusiasm of my instructor turned this exam into an awfully interesting and intriguing challenge. So many thanks ‘Conquest GMAT’!” – Aryan 

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