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Are you looking for a GMAT Personalized Course that works in the Best Interest of the student and not just confines service only to the hours purchased but goes beyond in helping the student with unlimited help sessions during and after the course (i.e. Purchased Hours)? – Then you are at the Right Place! CONQUEST GMAT stands committed to what it says! Give a try signing up as a trial user to claim 20% of the course as Demo (Read our complete course offering below).

CONQUEST GMAT Online Live classes bring the classroom learning experience to your home. The online live classes include all the benefits of a physical GMAT classroom program without the need to physically travel to a learning center and without the constraints of having to live in a city where GMAT classes are offered. The course is led by Master Trainers, who are experienced in GMAT online coaching, and are dedicated to identifying and meeting your needs for GMAT preparation at the click of a mouse! During this course, students are provided access to our GMAT study materials, practice tests, and other coursework.

Teaching Methodology

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We follow the C-A-T approach as our teaching methodology in every single class, where ‘C’ stands for Concept building (45minutes), ‘A’ stands for Application/Strategy building (45minutes), and ‘T’ stands for takeaway from the class (30minutes). No passive learning is entertained. All classes on the GMAT online course end with checkpoint quizzes to help you take stock of your learning. Instructors follow this approach very religiously to ensure effective learning happens through interactive sessions.

Advantages of Online Live Training

  • Attend our LIVE Interactive Whiteboard Teaching over Zoom classes that gives you the Physical Classroom Experience with small-sized batches
  • Saves commuting time & traveling cost
  • Saves from Mental agony traveling long distances through hectic traffic.
  • Attend classes from any corner of the world using Phone/Tab/Laptops.
  • Don’t miss any more classes because of unavoidable circumstances like heavy rainfall, traffic jams, etc.
  • Access to Recordings of GMAT Live classes (helps review any concept-based doubt anytime during preparation days that which is not possible in case of Physical Classroom Training).
  • Get personal attention during & after the course through My-Plan Sessions.
  • Unlimited doubt solving over WhatsApp & Telegram

 Best GMAT Personalized Course Live Online: GMAT One to One

  • Total 20 Classes of Math & Verbal Online Live Classes
  • Each class 2 hours duration
  • Two to three classes in a week on weekdays
  • C-A-T approach followed in delivering classes
  • Dedicated Faculty assigned to both Math and Verbal
  • On-Demand Classes: Class Flow structured by both Student and Instructor together
  • Personalized and focussed teaching by instructors
  • Live Online Classes Covering Official Guide questions too
  • Personalized ‘My-Plan’ Sessions
  • Four Mandatory Mock tests administered during the course – One at the beginning of the course (Diagnostic Test), One at end of the course (Exit Test), and two tests in between the course. Each test is followed by an Online live Personalized analysis of the test with Instructors
  • Unlimited Help Sessions during and after the course 
  • Exclusive WhatsApp and Telegram group to run Short Quiz and Post GMAT Challenge Question Daily, one each from Math and Verbal
  • Eight Full-Length Real-Time GMAT Mock Tests, 170+ Topic Wise Tests, 15+ Sectional Tests, 70+ Concept Videos and Notes
  • 10 Full-Length Mock Test links shared for Extra Practice
  • Midterm and Final Evals collected during the course for introspection and detect the efficacy of the course
  • Access to Recordings of all Live Classes

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We offer you to attend up to 3 full-length classes of the course as Demo. In fact, there are quite a few test prep companies that offer only one demo class and expects to assess their entire course delivery which is close to impossible doing it with just one class(However, Offering one Demo Class is just like offering to watch a trailer- and trailers are always catchy and appealing – else who will come to watch the ‘movie’?).

On the contrary, we offer 15% of the course as a demo to experience the class delivery and personal attention that we provide. ‘Conquest GMAT’ is so confident of its course that anybody who attends the session will be mesmerized by the class flow, class delivery, personalized attention, and the learning curve that we give.


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