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Our Online GMAT Course designed by 99%ile faculty is the right fit for you, whether you are

  • Busy working professional or a student who can’t devote time to come to classes due to commitments.
  • Anyone who lives far away from the Classroom Centers.
  • If you are looking at improving your score.

For those who need live guidance and personalized attention with our Quant & Verbal experts. click here to know more about our GMAT LIVE Online Programs.

Why Prepare with ‘CONQUEST GMAT’?

  • Courses Designed by Industry Experts
  • Course Comprehensively Covers from Basics
  • 70+ concept videos.
  • 60 Hours Concept Application Classes and 24 Hours Advanced Workshops
  • 170+ Sectional Tests and Drills
  • 8 Full-length C-A-T Tests 
  • 8 Linear Based Tests
  • Online practice with 10k+ Questions.
  • Access to Personalized My-Plan Sessions with GMAT Experts.
  • Access to Latest GMAT Official Guide and OG from 2017 to 2021
  • Access to GMAT Quant & GMAT Verbal Reviews 2017 to 2021
  • Access to Recorded classes
  • Administer four full-length tests during the course followed by test analysis & Personalized feedback
  • Score Improvement Guarantee
  • Unlimited Doubt Solving
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Access to Live Recorded Classes
  • Advanced GMAT Workshops

How to Choose the Best GMAT Prep Course

To pick the best GMAT prep courses, it’s a good idea to look at course materials, the number of practice exams and practice questions, cost, score improvement guarantees, and duration as top factors.

  • Course materials: The quality and type of materials are essential in learning what you need to succeed on the GMAT.
  • Number of resources: Each provider has a varying number of practice exams, sample questions, and other resources.
  • Price: Cost is a big factor in the course you choose, though it’s a relatively low factor due to the overall cost of taking the GMAT and earning an MBA.
  • Score improvement guarantee: Score improvement guarantees indicate the quality of instruction and success of past students.
  • Duration: Longer course durations give you more time to prepare and study.


Advantages of Online Live GMAT Training

  • Attend our LIVE GMAT Interactive Whiteboard Teaching over Zoom classes that gives you the Physical Classroom Experience with small-sized batches
  • Saves commuting time & traveling cost
  • Saves you from Mental agony traveling long distances through hectic traffic.
  • Attend GMAT classes from any corner of the world using Phone/Tab/Laptops.
  • Don’t miss any more classes because of unavoidable circumstances like heavy rainfall, traffic jams, etc.
  • Access to Recordings of our Live GMAT classes (helps review any concept-based doubt anytime during preparation days that which is not possible in case of Physical Classroom Training).
  • Get personal attention during & after the course through My-Plan Sessions.
  • Unlimited doubt solving over WhatsApp & Telegram

Best Ever GMAT Online Course:

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Following are the GMAT Video Clips which gives the Demonstration of how the Faculty takes the student through the GMAT question focussing on the smarter way of solving using the Logic rather than working it in conventional style. Kindly take note that the GMAT Faculty teaches the approach which is time-saving and helps avoid falling into traps.


GMAT prep courses are not the only way to study for the GMAT, but they are an important option for many future GMAT participants. These courses are worthwhile to anyone who wants to do better on the GMAT exam and doesn’t trust themselves to study well using only books and other non-course resources. Depending on your needs, there’s likely a GMAT prep course that meets your budget, schedule, and learning style.

Live GMAT Classes are pre-scheduled GMAT classes running live on the internet. Held on weekdays or on weekends, each class is 3-hours long and follows the same structure as our regular class. As the class is in audio-visual format, you can interact with the faculty and classmates, ask your questions and get your doubts clarified during the session.

We have an enterprise license of Zoom. So, to attend GMAT Live Classes, you will need to download and install the Zoom app on your device. 

When you enroll with us, we will send you a welcome mail with instructions. It will also have the link to your student portal. We will add you in the regional WhatsApp group too. Your Center Manager or Faculty will send you the link of session at least one day before your class. You can join the live classes simply by clicking on that link. 

Your live class will have an average batch strength of about 10 students. Over the time we have realized that this is the optimum batch strength as the faculty can answer your doubts and you also get to learn a lot from the doubts of other students.

Our teaching methodology starts with concept building followed by problem-solving, doubt clearing and regular mock tests. Test results are systematically analysed for identification of weak areas and special emphasis is laid on removing weaknesses through regular one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions. All of this from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Our programs are suited to individual needs. If you are looking for full-time GMAT preparation in a classroom-based setting and can commute easily to our centers then you should join GMAT Classroom program. However, if your daily schedule does not allow you to spend long hours on exclusive GMAT prep or if you are located far away from our centers and yet want individual guidance that is interactive in nature, then we would recommend GMAT Live Classes.

That depends on what you are looking for. If your daily schedule does not permit following structured classes at a designated time, lacks flexibility or if you want to prepare at your own pace then GMAT Online would be a better option.
On the other hand, if you are looking for disciplined preparation in a time-bound manner with the flexibility of both classroom and online programs, as well as one-on-one guidance when solving questions, then GMAT Live Classes would be better.

A decent internet connection (if you can watch YouTube videos, you can attend these classes), in addition to a tab, laptop or desktop is all that you need.

This is quite a common question that most GMAT Aspirants go through. When you say GMAT Online Courses they are of two types: 

1) Live Online Course 

2) Recorded Online Course

1) Live Online Course: Live online classes are synchronous events organized in a live virtual meeting room where students and teachers meet together to communicate with voice, video, whiteboard. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Meetings and lectures occur at the same hour. All attendees must be online and connected to the internet at that specific hour.

2) Online Course: Online courses are delivered asynchronously where students learn on their own schedule (Self-paced learning) without any real-time instructors. These are Pre-recorded classes. The course content lessons, pre-recorded video lectures, and tutorials, tests, and quizzes, homework, and assignments can be accessed by the students enrolled in the course at any time, as long as the course is active and available.

However, I personally feel Live Online Course is much better than ‘any’ for the following reasons:


When you have doubts, it is possible to get them cleared up in real-time. That is not a viable option in pre-recorded sessions

Customized learning

Your instructor can make sure to explain things according to your needs. Everyone doesn’t understand a lesson in the same way. Trained experts can explain one thing in different ways to suit your learning styles.

Save time, Eliminate unnecessary travel

Saves commuting time & traveling cost. Saves you from Mental agony traveling long distances through hectic traffic. Online Live classes are the modern replica of traditional physical classroom coaching. You see a whiteboard where teachers teach, raise your hand when you do have doubt as well as participate in a poll. You can discuss your assignments as well as your doubts. Don’t miss any more classes because of unavoidable circumstances like heavy rainfall, traffic jams, etc.

Review lectures instantly

It’s easy for minds to wander during a lecture. A study has found that students lose focus about 5 times in a 45-minute class session and there will be no review option available in the classroom program whereas, in Online Live class, the Instructor records Live Online class and gives students free access to it by the end of the day for easy review

Less intimidating

Many students in classroom environments aren’t comfortable speaking in public. In an online environment, it can be much easier to share thoughts with others. With 74 percent of people suffering from speech anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, online education tends to foster better class participation through chatbox/voice chat/poll/video chat

Work from anywhere, at any time

This is the most appealing benefit of online education for students with many duties to balance. Since everything is available online, accessing class materials, and submitting work is very convenient.

When it comes to Choosing the Best Online live Course for the GMAT, I would suggest you attend atleast two Demo Classes (get the feel of the class, evaluate Classroom delivery, See how open is the faculty to the doubts), Collect reviews from the past students about the course, Look at the course structure and the course-ware offered besides the Online resources provided and See what kind of support system in place to help students after the course until the test date, before you join.

One needs to understand that the GMAT test is a tricky test and the test writers are not interested in testing your school day concepts but help the B-schools use the GMAT score as a preliminary filtering tool to filter out the unwanted applicants. As long as one keeps this in mind and uses the available resources in understanding the test and the test writers will certainly benefit largely.

When it comes to practice, it is more important to spend quality time on quality materials that enhance your learning experience in understanding the test and test writer closely. So, to do this effectively there is no better material than GMAT Official Guide & GMAT Review books, as they contain retired GMAT questions. What more do you need for practice other than directly working on the Real-time GMAT questions? But again, it needs a constructive approach and smarter techniques to solve them, not relying greatly on the OG explanations as they are lengthy enough and impractical to follow.

At this juncture, GMAT Expert can certainly make a difference to your learning by teaching Powerful GMAT techniques and a time-saving approach. GMAT expert makes one’s job easy segregating the questions topic-wise, difficulty-wise and align them in sync with the topics being covered in the class and assign them as homework, to only pick them up for discussion in subsequent class to clear your doubts (if any).


Total number of Questions in GMAT Official Guide: 998

Total number of Questions in GMAT Verbal Review: 348

Total number of Questions in GMAT Quant Review: 373

Total number of Questions in Online Question Bank: 175

Remember that working on GMAT Official Guide and GMAT Review Books, in total, you are covering almost 2000 Questions which should be more than sufficient in understanding the test and the test writer. If you can get a hands-on previous edition of these materials (2017,2018,2019,2020) then these can add up to another 1000 Questions that which would be a bonus.

I would like to reiterate the point that GMAT is a tricky test and you need smarter strategies to work with and real-time questions to practice. There is no Best material other than GMAT OG and GMAT Review Books as they contain retired GMAT questions that can help you understand the test and test-writers. Finally, after practicing 3000 Real-time questions, cannot help one understand the test and Score High on the test then what else can help.

“Quality Practice Matters over Quantity” – give importance to quality



I am sure, most of the GMAT Trainers agree with me that this is one of the most Frequently Asked Question by the test aspirants. Let me be straight in answering this question.

The GMAT Prep tests are by far the most accurate. They are nearly as accurate as the real time GMAT test and stands on par with the difficulty level too. These tests are designed by test administrators themselves and is created in simulation to real time test, using the same algorithm followed on the real thing, which makes the test scores stand correct representative of the real time score. In fact, 7 out of 10 test takers who completed at least one official practice test say GMAT Official Practice Exams provided the most accurate estimate of their actual GMAT score compared to other practice tests that they took. In my Observation I found the real time score fall within the radius of 20 points from the GMAT Prep test taken just before the T-Day.

The commercial test-prep companies try to create accurate, realistic test, but in large they are unsuccessful. The reason being the adaptive algorithm used is quite complex. There are many hidden factors which influence the test performance and the test score. For example, officially GMAC says there is no negative marking on the test but you realise that you are penalised for the questions gone wrong, when done the test analysis closely (However, GMAC never told that there is no penalty for a wrong answer and mind you, negative marking is just one way of penalising). Commercial tests, due to flaws in their practice questions and the adaptive algorithms, the margin of error is more like around 100 points. I have heard of many experiences where students repeatedly get 680’s on the mock tests but end up scoring 580 on the Test day.


With the emergence of technology, the method of delivering education has forever changed. As a matter of fact, online education has become a flexible instructional method of teaching wherein students can easily gain access to study material in the comfort of their homes. Moreover, online education provides an excellent opportunity for students who are unable to enroll in traditional classrooms as well as support students in setting their own pace for studying.

Online education helps in inculcating the habit of self-discipline and time management within students and provides them access to an unlimited number of educational resources. The students can easily set their own pace of learning as long as they have the right equipment and access to a proper internet connection.

Advantages of Online Live Classes

  • Attend Online classes over teaching apps like Zoom/Microsoft team/Google Classroom that gives you the Physical Classroom Experience
  • Saves commuting time & traveling cost
  • Saves you from Mental agony traveling long distances through hectic traffic.
  • Attend classes from any corner of the world using Phone/Tab/Laptops.
  • Won’t be missing any more classes because of unavoidable circumstances like heavy rainfall, traffic jam, etc.
  • Access to Recordings of classes (helps review any concept-based doubt anytime during preparation days that which is not possible in case of Physical Classroom Training).
  • Doubt solving over digital platforms like WhatsApp & Telegram


One of the greatest advantages of online classes is their accessibility from anywhere around the world. Students can simply log in from anywhere and gain access to learning material from the convenience of their homes. Apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Team have allowed students to easily attend their lectures without having to leave the safety of their homes. Moreover, students do not incur any kind of transportation expenses. Hence, online classes provide the distinct advantage of location flexibility.

However, offline classes require students to travel to the location of their educational institution. Teaching takes place in a fixed location which would typically comprise a lecture hall or a physical classroom. Certain students may need to travel far to reach their respective educational institution and this may cause a great deal of inconvenience. Not to mention, students will incur transportation expenses.

Flexibility of Classes

The flexibility of classes is the main highlight of online classes. It allows students to set their own learning pace without any additional pressure. Since students have access to recorded videos and online reading material, they can easily attend lectures as and when it is convenient. It also gives students more time to digest the study material and complete their work or research at their pace.

There is a certain amount of rigidity when it comes to offline education. Students are required to attend their lectures or sessions on time since there are no pre-recorded videos or notes that are easily available to the students. Hence, students are required to follow a predetermined and strict schedule as set by their educational institute.

Student-Teacher Interaction

Contrary to the popular belief that there is hardly any interaction between students and teachers in online education, there is an ample amount of interaction between students and teachers over the online platform. Online classes allow students to get in touch with their teachers no matter the time or location. Online classrooms also allow two-way communication which significantly influences learning. Student-teacher interaction in online classes may be both synchronous and asynchronous.

Remember Math remains to be Math and it doesn’t change its rules and principles from test to test but undoubtedly the intent behind asking the question differs from that of a teacher to that of the test-writer on the competitive exams.

Normally the questions asked by the teacher would be pretty straight, testing you the concepts but its not the same with the GMAT/GRE test writers. Test writers on these tests(GMAT/GRE) designs the question in a twisty manner trying to mislead you with his language or lay some tricks and traps finding the gaps in the thought process of the test takers.

One need to understand that the standardized tests like GMAT/GRE are designed not to evaluate the school day content but to use the score as the preliminary tool to filter out the students applying to top rank schools.


One needs to understand that the GMAT test is a tricky test and the test writers are not interested in testing your school day concepts but help the B-schools use the GMAT score as a preliminary filtering tool to filter out the unwanted applicants. As long as one keeps this in mind and uses the available free reliable resources in understanding the test and the test writers will certainly benefit largely.

To gain more insights about the GMAT Exam and the challenges involved in cracking the test, watch the video below from the U.S Master Trained certified faculty: https://conquestgmat.com/about-gmat/