When I enrolled as a GMAT One to One student, I was assigned my tutor who was supposedly (and I can vouch now… Undoubtedly) the best. I spoke with my Math faculty and scheduled my first class with him a week later.

I was fairly confident about most parts of my Math ..had scored decently well in my test which I had taken 5 yrs back(Math: 47) ..so didn’t know what to expect really out of my Math classes.

However, I had a major dislike for geometry questions and used to just try to memorize the formulae to get through them for the test.
What is strikingly different about Math Instructor – is that he is not only your teacher – he can be a real super demanding coach. Coach is someone who makes you do what you will never want to do so that you can reach where you always wanted to.

He reintroduced relevant Geometry concepts to me in such a way which made me very confident in that area and I started enjoying solving Geometry questions. He has always been there to guide..to correct ..to encourage when things are going well and not so well. Thanks to him. My Quant score 51. 



Ram Ramesh

GMAT Score: 730

Brilliant and dedicated tutors, Great staff, and the material are very comprehensive. Helped me get this score in 1 month 

GMAT classes were really interesting especially keeping quantitative classes so interesting needs special aptitude which my tutor possesses. The way tutors encourage the students every moment of the class and also take along even students who are weak in the subject is amazing. Tutors are simple and down to earth in behavior.

To sum it up, all in all, it was a wonderful experience taking Online Live GMAT Regular Course at CONQUEST GMAT!



Chandrahas Kumar

GMAT Score: 730

GMAT Preparation is more about quality than quantity, which is what ingrained into me by tutors and that’s what incorporated to score a 730 on the GMAT. I was able to increase the score from 640 to 730 within a few weeks! 

One of the key areas where I was made to focus on was to maintain an error log to review correct/incorrect answers. I am impressed by the tutors’ simplicity and effective mentoring in My-plan sessions. The lessons are quite intuitive, and, at the same time, they cover in-depth approaches to problems that we tend normally to neglect during the course of preparation for the GMAT.

Tips and techniques unlike conventional methods to crack typical problems have led me to stand as a consistent performer at math. Especially classes on Data sufficiency and Reading Comprehension were stupendous and can make anyone comfortable at his subject.



Md. Fakruddin 

GMAT Score: 710

It was a great experience to get training from ‘CONQUEST GMAT’ with a reasonable fee structure, updated study materials, and mock tests. Classes were very well organized and convenient for working professionals and students. Very supportive backend staff and well-equipped study resources.

The instructor, being a trainer with good experience showed enthusiasm for the course component. I must say that I met the best trainers with 10+ years of teaching experience. Their teaching style contains interactive sessions with examples and illustrations. Instructors motivate and encourage students to lit self-burning desire and support at every level of difficulty, answering every question asked by the students and feedback given in written and practical work was truly helpful. They were an excellent session & pure knowledge transfer to achieve a dream score in GMAT.



Md. Zaidi

GMAT Score: 740

“Quantitative Reasoning “ instructor at ‘CONQUEST GMAT’ who has helped me a lot during my GMAT journey. He has not just played the role of a mathematics tutor but also guided me to make the right decision for my master’s. He has helped me alleviate my fear of mathematics with the help of his philosophy of unlearning and relearning Basic Math concepts from the ground up. His approach to mathematics is such that anyone with or without a basic understanding of the subject would take away something valuable from each class of his.

A jovial and relaxed atmosphere created by him in the classroom gave me the confidence of asking the silliest of doubts that irked me. His best quality is his patience and his ability to connect with his students on a personal level which enables him to tailor his approach of teaching as required by the students. I am really grateful for having him as my quantitative tutor and mentor, he has not only helped me bag a good score on the test but has also changed my perception of the subject.




GMAT Score: 710

Instructors encourage students to go beyond the conventional approach while solving GMAT questions and to use common sense to find simple solutions to any problem. This approach made solving even the toughest GMAT problems fairly straightforward and easy, and in turn helped me score a high on GMAT.

Apart from being a great teacher, they were also great mentors who regularly contacted me to stay abreast of my progress and made sure I was heading in the right direction. My first GMAT test attempt did not go as planned. But Instructors helped me make the right adjustments to the test-taking strategy before the second attempt and score 700+ in just 16 days. It is this kind of hands-on help that proved very crucial in me getting an admission offer from ISB. I would definitely recommend CONQUEST GMAT to anyone looking for help with GMAT standardized test.



Paritosh Singh

GMAT Score: 710

CONQUEST GMAT is a place where you can learn & work on your strengths. The faculty is good especially my math teacher. I liked his way of teaching and the way he used to explain the concepts. He used to give attention to each student in the class. I really enjoyed his classes & it helped me a lot in working on the weak areas in Quants.

Few weeks after attending the classes, I felt very confident in solving questions and I was able to solve the questions with much better accuracy and within the time limits in the mock tests. It was a really good & wonderful experience for me

 The entire team from ‘CONQUEST GMAT’ was very helpful. It is a place to be if you are looking seriously to excel in GMAT exams. This institution met all my expectations



Rahul Jain

GMAT Score: 710

I have enrolled in GMAT One to One Course as Mathematics was a subject that did not come easy to me. With this mindset, “quantitative reasoning” on the GMAT was a hurdle for me. But, at ‘CONQUEST GMAT’ things changed drastically with the help of the “Quantitative Reasoning” faculty. He taught me with his unique style of teaching and I excelled in the test. His ability to read the mindset of every individual (including me) was incredible.

He knew exactly where each student lacked and his advice guided me through the preparation process. I would even like to state the fact that he helped me overcome the fear of numbers through the medium of “logic “behind every question. Hence, this boosted my confidence for the long run. I’m deeply grateful for ‘CONQUEST GMAT’ mentoring and guidance.



GMAT Score: 720

Quant Instructor is hands down the Best quant mentor I’ve ever had. I’ve had the fortune to have him as my quant mentor for GMAT coaching and his teaching methods and style are par excellence. He’s the person that has made me love mathematics. With his tips and tricks, a student is guaranteed success. Sir has the best strategies he uses to tackle problems. Sir is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students clarify their doubts.

A simple thank you couldn’t express my gratitude for the impact sir’s classes had on my professional life. He’s the nicest, most friendly, and accessible mentor.