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Our Online Live GMAT Course brings the classroom learning experience to your home. The Live Online GMAT Prep classes include all the benefits of a physical GMAT Prep classroom program without the need to physically travel to a learning center and without the constraints of having to live in a city where GMAT classes are offered.

Attend 20% of course without paying a penny: Nobody in the test prep industry offers to “Sign up Now and Pay Later”. In-fact there are quite a few test prep companies that offer just one Demo class and expects to evaluate their entire course delivery which is close to impossible doing it(Offering one Demo Class is just like offering to watch a trailer’- and as you know trailers are always catchy and appealing – else who will come to watch the ‘movie’?). On the contrary, we offer 25% of the course as a Demo to experience the class delivery and personal attention that we give to the student. Conquest GMAT is so confident of its course that anybody who attends the session will be mesmerized by the class flow, class delivery, course materials, online student resource, personalized attention, and the learning curve that it gives.

Teaching Methodology

 We follow the C-A-T approach, in every class of three hours session where ‘C’ stands for Concept building (75minutes), ‘A’ stands for Application/Strategy building (75minutes), and ‘T’ stands for takeaway from the class (30minutes). Instructors follow this approach very religiously to ensure effective learning happens through interactive sessions with small-sized batches. No passive learning. All classes in the Online Live GMAT course end with checkpoint quizzes to help you take stock of your learning

Live Online GMAT Classes

Why choose a Live Online GMAT Prep for your exam preparation? Sure, there are the standard reasons: Live Online GMAT course is generally more convenient than in-person classrooms as it helps avoid traveling long distances, avoid hectic traffic, and saves commuting time, plus Online Live GMAT classes are Recorded for you to return to later. We give access to recorded Live classes. ‘Conquest GMAT’ live online GMAT goes several steps further: it’s not “almost good as being there in person” – it’s much better. Learn Why?

Participation: We follow the Socratic style of Teaching

Educational research shows that the more a student participates, the more that student learns. But it also shows that almost all students self-censor their comments and questions. Whether for being shy, for not desperate to make everyone wait while they ask a question, or for not quite knowing what they require to ask or how they need to phrase it, most students stop themselves from raising their hand as much as they’d prefer to – and from participating in class as much as they should.

At ‘Conquest GMAT’, the Live Online Live GMAT classroom is meant to create participation easy, anonymous, and fun, so you participate more than you ever thought you’d – and you learn more than you thought you’d, too. Ask questions in voice mode or via typewritten chat – either publicly for everybody to read or privately to only your instructor – without having to form the class wait while you make your point. And answer short-answer questions so quickly and frequently that participation becomes second-nature with no self-censorship:

‘Conquest GMAT’’s Live Online GMAT teachers are taught to ask plenty of quick questions that elicit short, easy-to-type answers, serving two major purposes. One, you’re never a passive observer in your online GMAT class, but instead a full of life participant discovering what proportion you already know and actively building connections toward what you would like to grasp. And two, with all of your live online GMAT classmates participating just as actively, safety-in-numbers dictates that there’s no reason to fear a silly question or a wrong answer.

A culture of participation helps everyone learn more, and soon enough you’ll want a full-fledged team with the rest of your online GMAT class. I’m sure you all agree that the above activities won’t be possible unless the class strength is small-sized. Keeping this in mind to create the live class interactive, participative, and filled with the learning experience, ‘Conquest GMAT’ limits the class strength maximum to 12 students.


Instructional Excellence – GMAT Prep

At Conquest GMAT, you’ll be able to make sure that your live online GMAT instructors are the most effective test prep instructors you’ve ever had. But that’s not all; the studio-style setup means that your instructor is going to be on his/her feet and in peak performance mode – not sitting in pajamas at a table like you can get away with on a conventional, webcam-based live online GMAT class. This suggests that your online GMAT class is going to be very professional, high-energy and high efficiency – there’s nowhere to cover under those bright studio lights, so your instructor will bring it each time.


Studying for the GMAT may be a lonely grind, which is why ‘Conquest GMAT’ has designed its live online GMAT courses to be community-driven. The culture of participation implies that you’ll get to understand classmates from around the world and that they’ll be rooting for you to get answers right, all along with them. Our lively, live online GMAT classes develop recurring inside jokes, collaborate to show each other alternative methods for solving problems, and share resources on everything from supplemental GMAT help to application strategy to career networking. With an online GMAT class from ‘Conquest GMAT’, you’ll foresee attending class along with your classmates, and ultimately enter the test center with the support and camaraderie of a team behind you.

Master the GMAT with ‘Conquest GMAT’

Of course, while ‘Conquest GMAT’’s live online GMAT prep is the really cool delivery mechanism, what you really want is insightful GMAT strategy and comprehensive coverage of GMAT content. And ‘Conquest GMAT’ is the global leader in all of the above. In your online GMAT class, you will learn proven strategies such as:

GMAT Prep – Resources

Following are the resources that we provide to our students enrolling for the Online Live GMAT course: Eighteen computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests(a real-time algorithm), detailed e-books breaking down all the GMAT content and strategy required to score well into the 700’s, recordings of all 25 classroom lessons from your Online class which just not only covers concepts and strategies to crack test but also covers the questions from Official guide to prove the point how they work effectively in cracking real-time questions – and thousands of practice problems and detailed solutions to help you practice all the skills you learn in your online GMAT class.

What’s more, five days a week for three hours, a live online GMAT instructor is available even beyond “office hours” to assist you with homework questions, study strategy, and test day advice through the digital groups exclusively crafted batch-wise. And with your online GMAT class, you will have access to those sessions and all other ‘Conquest GMAT’ resources for one full year.

Note: Conquest GMAT has made it a point to cover Official guide questions as part of the course and also structured the course in such a way that every student of the batch takes the mock tests at regular interval during the course, followed by test analysis with your instructors on One to One basis, talking about Do’s and Don’ts on the test, fixing your weaker areas, providing remedial actions to overcome challenges and setting goals for next scheduled mock test. My-Plan sessions are held weekly with each student to assess their study plan and guide them with appropriate inputs structuring their preparations in the right manner.

My Plan Session: Meet weekly with your coach to set goals, track your progress, or better understand your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Having a weekly video call with your coach will keep you accountable to continue to make progress.

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Think Like The Testmaker

The overarching philosophy that ‘Conquest GMAT’ brings to live online GMAT classes is – trains students to not just memorize rules and formulas, but to be told the test’s tendencies – what hints do they cleverly hide, what trap answers do they set for you, what shortcuts do they leave available, etc. The GMAT describes itself as a test of “higher-order thinking,” of thinking critically, so just being specific at algebra or grammar isn’t what they’re after (and give some thought to it – why would that help schools determine who are going to be the most effective business leaders?). In your online GMAT class, we teach you the way to think just like the test maker so you’ll be able to leverage hints, avoid traps, and efficiently attack this test of critical thinking.

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Ready to master the GMAT with live online GMAT classes from ‘Conquest GMAT’? Representatives are available on phone: ‘+91 9182196153’ to enrol you for a class that fits your schedule with an instructor who fits your style. The GMAT is a beatable exam, and ‘Conquest GMAT’ has the perfect live online GMAT course to help you beat it.